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Off The Wall Creations Vinyl lettering is pre-cut, and pre-spaced letters. Use your creativity to choose the font and color of your choice. Our vinyl is the equivalent to 2-3 layers of paint, which gives it the hand painted style you're looking for. You can apply vinyl to your walls, glass, car windows, craft projects, office walls, mirrors, tiles, metal, wood, etc. The possibilities are endless!

You bet! You can choose from thousands of our fonts, sizes, colors, and unique quotes or phrases to say what you want! Now is the time to use those creative juices!!! The best part of vinyl lettering is creating your own unique decor. And if you're a little crafty challenged, we're here to help!

Vinyl sticks to most clean, hard, and smooth surfaces. It may have a hard time adhering to heavily textured walls. (Sometimes it just takes a little extra hard work.) However, it does not stick to brick or fabric.

Vinyl lettering can easily be removed with your fingernails or tweezers. If that doesn't work, simply heat the vinyl up with a blow dryer on a low setting. The vinyl will come up more easily now. (If sticky residue is left behind, use Goo-Be-Gone or rubbing alcohol to remove it.)

Unfortunately the Vinyl lettering is not reusable. It will stretch and distort it once you try to remove it.

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